Tartu Model United Nations


Tartu Model United Nations is an annual MUN-conference held in the university town of Tartu in South Estonia. The main theme of this year’s conference is „Sustainable development in the Middle-East“.

The four-day conference will discuss over the development in the Middle-East, status of World Heritage Sites, the controversies within its societies as well as the domestic and foreign challenges faced by this region.

Tartu Model United Nations is organised by the Society of International Relations, a student non-profit at the University of Tartu, which connects students interested in international relations and foreign policy.

Tartu MUN 2019 agenda:

UN Security Council:

The Mediterranean region


Heritage in the Middle-East

First committee of the General Assembly (Disarmament and International Security):

Armament in the Middle-East, weapons market and black market

Third committee of the General Assembly (UN Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Issues):

Freedom of Press